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Classic Disney Songs Drabble List

Let's Go Fly a Kite: Our muses are spending a day in the park flying kites or having a panic
I Wanna Be Like You: My muse tries to act like your muse to be like them.
Someone's Waiting For You: Your muse feels lonely and my muse tries to comfort them, telling them they'll be there for them.
Bella Notte: Our muses are on a romantic date.
Everybody Has A Laughing Place: Our muses pulling pranks on each other.
Why Should I Worry: Our muses live on the streets and have to survive the toughness of it.
Give A LIttle Whistle: My muse becomes your muse's conscience and helps them get out of trouble.
Who's Afraid of The Big Bad Wolf: Our muses ignore the warnings and end up getting into a sticky situation.
Merrily On Our Way: Our muses go on a trip or an adventure together.
Headless Horseman Song: Our muses enter a haunt woods and encounter monsters or ghosts.
Stay Awake: Your muse has a hard time sleeping so my muse sings them a lullaby.
Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo: My muse helps your muse get ready for a party or the ball by finding them a beautiful dress.
Whistle While You Work: Our muses are cleaning together.
Once Upon A Dream: Our muses are strangers to each other, but they soon fall in love with each other.
Let's Get Together: Our muses discover that they're related to each other, becoming a family.
You Can Fly: Our muses are given pixie dust and have the ability to fly.
The Age of Not Believing: Your muse had given up hope and my muse tries to tell them to believe in themselves.
Rain Rain Rain Came Down Down Down: Our muses are stuck in the flood and have to learn to survive together.
Heffalumps and Woozles: Our muses are encountering their nightmares together.
Oo De Lally: Our muses become outlaws.
Everybody Wants To Be A Cat: Our muses live in a life as cats.
Beauty and the Beast: Our muses fall for each other while they're dancing on the dance floor.
Friend Like Me: My muse becomes a genie and will grant your muse's wishes.
Under The Sea: Our muses become mermaids or mermen, and go on adventures under the sea.
World's Greatest Criminal Mind: Your muses become foes. One is the hero, and the other is the villain. Who will win?
Be Prepared: My muses become a villain, planning a scheme involving your muse.
Candle On The Water: My muse thinks about your muse as they are apart from each other.
(Feel free to add more if I forget a song)

Fry face by ~SchrodingrsCat
black lagoon<3


Fry face by ~SchrodingrsCat

black lagoon<3


black lagoon awesome shootout

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